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My experience with Brokers in Pune

After engineering, one of the Pune based IT company offered me a job. I first arrived at Pune in Nov 2017 and stayed with my friend temporarily and started searching for flats. Being from a very small town and then in the college hostel, I had no prior experience of searching rented flat in cities like Pune. I searched on Google and got to know a few apps which I can use to get details of flats available on rent. I installed one such app, Magicbricks where I got few contacts. But, unfortunately, most of them turned out to be brokers.

And here come brokers

The brokers are a class of very clever people in the real estate industry. They will post the property ad in such a way that they keep very low price and upload beautiful pictures. Most of the new users of these apps fall into this trap because these apps don’t verify the property listings for their actual owners. Many brokers started calling me with their offers as these apps shared my contact with those brokers. Every broker started with their best offer to lure me in. Every one of them was very polite in the beginning and would sometime take you on their vehicle to show properties. Even different brokers showed me the same property with a different amount.

Finally, I decided that instead of paying one month rent to them I will search for flats on my own. I went street to street in Pashan and by contacting local shopkeepers somehow got a flat. Wait, the story is not over yet.

After I rented flat on my own

Next day one of the brokers knocked on the door and started asking for the brokerage and the reason he mentioned for taking brokerage is that this flat was in his region and you cannot get a flat without him. He asked me 1-month rent as brokerage which was 14K rs for doing nothing. I somehow tackled with him and did not give any money on that day.

Next day again he came with another person and they started threatening and abusing me. After 1 hour of the verbal fight, I paid Rs 3K to get rid of them. That was the first and the last time I paid brokerage.

What are other alternatives to get flat without brokers in Pune?

Brokers will ask 1-month rent for doing almost nothing. Not only one time most of them ask for brokerage every year even if you continue staying in the same flat. They operate in groups and they will threaten you if you deny or try to negotiate. Even some owner also support brokers to get them brokerage as brokers get clients for them. These owners are mostly the one who don’t know about online apps or don’t post their property ads on rental apps. Also be careful while renting flats from apps like Magicbricks, Housing as they contain many properties where brokers impersonate to be owners, so either you will end up with brokers just like me or you will have to invest a lot of time to find genuine owners. Instead, use apps like Campizo, Nobroker to get properties without any brokerage.

Hope you will stop paying to brokers after reading this!

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