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Beautifying your balcony

In this hustle of fast forward city lives, we get exhausted of looking at the same high rise buildings in the sky, the mechanical view that we yearn to go out and feel closer to nature or some beauty like a garden, water park etcetera.
This mundane world is taking its toll upon us, more so in the times of this pandemic. The times when staying packed indoors is the new norm and you need to think twice before stepping out. So why not bring the beauty within your home. Transforming the seeming punishment of staying indoors into an escapade.

This is not a herculean task. All we need is to snatch out a little time, awaken the artist inside us and turn our living place into leisure in little to no money. The question is how?

Ways to decorate your balcony

You can google several interesting techniques of turning best from waste. Website like Pinterest, instagram offer such ideas.
For example take this humdrum balcony:

It took only a little while to turn it into the following:

Don’t you think spending a little time here in breaks from your hectic work from home schedule, will give you the vibe of a cafe’!

Some other ways could be:

  1. Install a Swing
  2. Whip Out Some String Lights, throw pillows, and a small stool or side table for your drink of choice
  3. Add playfulness with repurposed items
  4. Adding lounge chairs for reading and sunning
  5. Installing epiphyte plants

Such simple efforts can relish your moods by cherishing the ambience around in your place of residence.


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