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How Campizo acquired 1000+ customers in less than 2 months

Being a B2C startup in renting flats, it was really difficult to market our product and acquire customers when there are big daddies sitting in the market like 99acres, Housing etc.

People tell real-estate renting is so crowded, you will not be able to survive here. We proved them all wrong. We not only survived but showed tremendous growth in customer acquisition.

Let’s us talk first about the challenges that we faced in acquiring customers and then talk about what techniques we used to overcome those challenges.

Challenges that we observed while acquiring customers:

For us, customers are the people who want to rent flats. But, to acquire the customers, we need to have flat listings on our app. We tried a few approach but couldn’t achieve the targets.

  • Posters in front of housing societies: We manually started with posters and banners in front of societies to look for people who actually want to rent out their flats but the efforts were so much and we could barely find people there. We could not think of any other platform where all the people who want to rent out their flats could be available so we could speak them about our product and how it is different from existing ones in market.

  • Social media marketing: As we are bootstrapping, we couldn’t spend a lot of money on ads, so we kept our budget low on ads. Still, we spent more then Rs 400  per day on social media marketing and the number of clicks on the link were even less then 0.1 percent of the reach. As per the statistics, the ad reached 50-60 K people and there were less then 500 link clicks. The reason could be these platforms don’t make your ad reach potential customers or due to lot of ads, people’s timeline are filled with ads and they would have stopped noticing them. Social platforms like Facebook, Google were not very helpful for us in finding the users who actually want to rent flats from us. 

How we overcame these challenges:

  • Focus on ASO: We started optimizing our app for google Playstore. Wherever I went I used to tell people about our app and ask them to install our app by searching for Campizo app using keywords like “flats for rent”, “rent flat” etc. By using this technique our app reached on number 6 from number 100+ on Google Playstore. Finally when people searched “flats on rent” our app will come just after housing, 99 acres and our customers starting growing organically.

  • Social Media Groups: Our team started following groups like “Flats and Flatmates” etc. and whenever somebody posted the requirement for flats we used to comment below and thus people came to know about us. This technique was also very much effective as these social media groups contained our customers and commenting on flats requirements post made us reach many audience without spending anything.
  • LinkedIn Posts: We created a separate team for Marketing and asked those people to post on LinkedIn about their experience with our renting platform, this way people came to know about us.

As you can see the paid techniques were not very effective in acquiring customers as users encounter a lot of ads every day and the ads go unnoticed whereas organic techniques were effective. For users, a LinkedIn post about their experience is more trustworthy rather than paid ads on Google and Facebook.